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Do you need a miracle? A miracle is when God intercepts the natural progression of a situation and turns it completely around for victory and so that he may be glorified. Here we have seen God answer people’s prayers and make his power available to those who believe.

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Jesus said: “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” So let us stand with you in agreement and see you receive your miracle!

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, and our committed prayer team will pray for you.


  1. Yes, First Lady Michelle Obama and Team... First I am grateful to have my life. I survived an horrific attack from an organized hate group. I have for many years been able to assist with ideas, invention and solutions. Unfortunately for years my ideas have been stolen and I would be pushed out of the projects or job, I was working on. I was discredited, defamed, even they went as far as changing my name. I was labeled, lied on and when I spoke up I was ridiculed. However, This was the year this organized hate group was planning to destroy me. I was accepted a job and an apartment into a community but I had no idea I was apart of a plan to be destroyed. I wanted to fulfill my dreams working in the biomedical field.. on the side I pursued my acting career. I was having the best of both worlds. However this made my haters very upset about my ability to remain strong, smart and brave. I prayed so much, I didn't realize they organized individuals who hated me to fight against me. As a result, I moved into what I thought to be an apartment. It would be a jail sentence, I would experience 90's in this prison.Unfortunately it was a death trap. I reached out for help but very few responsed. I had to fight them literally by myself with prayer and fasting. This organized hate group got involved with employers, educational institutions, landlord etc., and my finances. I served in the military, worked with various biomedical organizations but they discredited my every move. They wanted my information and intellectual properties but they decided not to give me the financial or credit.Well, I would end up this year, They would try to take my life. I would escape from my apartment leaving everything, my clothes, shoes, military medals, awards, everything I worked hard for my life. Most importantly, I got away from them and I am grateful for being alive. They were planning a ceremony for me. I knew what the ceremony meant, If I didn't leave I would receive death. I lost everything but not my life. I am in pain, I hurt, I can't believe this has happened but I am alive! Praise Jesus! I ask for prayers and I ask for safe housing, clothes,career and please pray for my protection for these individuals. I hope they receive just punishment.

  2. I was in the US illegally for a very long time, but I left, on my own, in 2007, waited for 10 years and then applied for a resident visa. I haven't seem my family for 3 years, although we do speak daily via Skype, and my petition will be reviewed sometime between October 2018 and March 2019.
    Please pray for me, pray that I will be able to rejoin my family in the US soon. My wife is working very hard, seven days each week in order to survive. My son is in the US Navy and will soon ship out. I don't know when will I see him again. I have a wife and 4 children and we all miss each other a great deal.
    Please pray for a positive outcome for my petition and for my youngest son to be protected in these days when war seem to be threatening us at each moment. Thank you, and bless all of you.


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