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15 Shocking Ways  Successful People Manage Their Time : 

This are the the 15 ways successful people manage their time that will help change your life.
We all have the same amount of time, is my hope that in this episode you know how much time you have in a day .

That is something in this epsisode that will be valuable to you .

Goal Nugget #1
Time is your most valuable and scarcest resource
Every minute is valuable
Goal Nugget #2

 Identify your most important task and do it first
Goal Nugget #3
Work from your calender not your to do list
Goal Nugget #4
To overcome procrastination , beat your future self
Goal Nugget #5
There will always be more to do
End your day when you are tired , not when you are done
Goal Nugget #6
Always carry a notebook ,you will be surprise how much idea you will write down
Goal Nugget #7
Control your In-box ("shut off the notifications on your device)
Goal Nugget #8
Schedule and attend meetings as a last resort
Goal Nugget #9
Say no to everything

Goal Nugget #10
Follow the powerful Pareto principle

Goal Nugget #11
Focus on your unique strengths and passion

Goal Nugget #12
Back Your work with recurring themes

Goal Nugget #13
If you can do a task in less than 5 minutes do it immediately

Goal Nugget #14

Routinely use early mornings to strengthen your mind,your, and your spirit .
make your first hour of the day count

Goal Nugget #15
Productivity is about energy and focus,not time.

Drink water , Take a break .

This article is for educational Purpose.Listen to the Video and be able to manage your time. 
If you find this article helpful please share and comment to testify your experience.

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