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I come across this question from a fan,he said he do not know how to create gmail account and send emails. Gmail account is message platform where you send a letter and can equally attach photos, files and so on.
Follow this steps and Create  a Gmail account
Go to your browser Google chrome /Firefox/opera or safari and type in on gmail.com
When the page open  click on create account as shown on the image

Then a new page pop up to fill your First Name and Surname , also choose a password, that you would always remember ,it could be your cell phone number or name of your son or daughter .
As shown below :

After filling the form click Next
Now you have optional box to fill a phone number or not. I suggest you fill it in as to use it in recovering the Gmail account anytime you forgot your password  and also fill email if you have other emails for recovery if you have forgotten your login details .
After the email recovery
Fill your birth month ,day and year details  and Gender as shown below,


A verification code will be send to your phone number and you will fill the code !
insert the six digit code in the box
After click verify

Now that you have click verify
A new page will come up showing :
Get more from your number
If you like, you can add your phone number to your account for use across Google services. Learn more
For example, your number will be used to
Receive video calls & messages
Make Google services, including ads, more relevant to you
More options
as shown below :
Click  skip or sign in if you choose to use the number for messages and video calls
i suggest you  sign in

A new page will pop up, you will see a privacy and policy terms kindly read and scroll down before clicking i agree .
as shown below

Click Agree  and it will automatically signed you in .
To your dashboard.
and you click next and it will pop up.

Click ok .
and you are in
As shown below :

Click on each of the labels arrow i point to complete setup to 100 % as shown below
100% done

Inside your dashboard you have a lot of folders
compose is where you click to type letter and send to your recipient .
2.  Starred
3. Snoozed
4. Sent : Here is where all your sent Email are stored.
5. Draft  . Draft is where unsent message are kept .
click here to see more options like
7. Important : This is where important email are saved
8.Hangout Chats : Is a social chat where you can text video call ,as well with your friends
10.All Mail : All emails received are stored here.
11.Spam : Is a place all repeated sending of an electronic message, often advertising, to a large number of Internet users without their consent.
12.Trash : Trash is where all deleted email are stored, just like a recycle bin on the Pc.
To view your email address .
On the top right  corner you will see the first letter that start your name you choose click on it .
as shown below :

At the top there you will see your email address ending @gmail.com
That is what you share to your friends to send you email .

How to send email
Now we are going to learn how to send email to someone
 On your dashboard  Click the Compose
As seen below

A little Pop up will come up for you and you see a place that have To and Subject :
As shown Below :

To is where you insert the recipient email address that you want to send mail to be it organization or individual .
While the subject you have to type in the title of the message that you want to send to anyone .
After which you enter the message body where you type in all you want to send.
As seen below :

Click Send After Typing all of your messages.
You will see a notification box that the email is sent. Check your sent item and you will see it over there.

The person will receive it as Inbox in the primary as sent to me.

I hope you successfully sent your email your friends if you have succeeded then drop a comment by typing YES in the comment below .

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