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How to Start Fruits Salad business with  10000 cfa in cameroon -$17 :

You must be wondering how is this possible today i will show you a secret  on starting a successful  fruits salad business  with 10000 cfa equivalent to about 17 usd dollar,if you don't have capital to start with.After reading my artcile you will be able to start a fruits salad business in cameroon and is possible in any part of africa.

 So many people are thinking that they can only do a business when they have millions of cfa,No all successful business starts with millions.

Here are teenage millionaire  that started with low as $8 ,there are are so many other but i pick one .

Here are the 40 teenage millionaires  : 

Another Teenage millionaire is :

Leanna Archer, a Haitian immigrant to the US and now an American citizen, is a 22 year old female entrepreneur estimated with net worth of US$ 10 million.

She made her first million at her age of 17 years. She makes millions of dollars through her company, Leanna Inc, which makes hair care, skincare and beauty products.

Interestingly, she is the youngest American entrepreneur whose company is listed on the NASDAQ. She became the CEO of Leanna Inc at a tender age of just nine years.

Leanna Archer’s success story is rather interesting. At the age of eight years, she was making her own homemade beauty and skincare products, using traditional recipes from her parents and grandparents.

These products found a huge market in the US. This initial success nudged Leanna Archer to experiment with her own beauty and skincare products. She also developed a product to check hair loss and re-grow lost hair.

The hair loss prevention product was developed for her aunty who was suffering from the problem. After six months of use, the product proved to be very effective.

By her age of 13, Leanna Archer was forking in about US$ 200,000 per year from her range of beauty products. Today, she is considered as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the US who are under 30.

Moved by the plight of her former compatriots in Haiti, she founded the Leanna Archer Education Foundation in 2008. The Leanna Archer Education Foundation provides three daily meals to some 300 children in Haiti.

The foundation is funded from her own business.
Now let me bring s back home ,You too can become successful and millionaire if you can follow my steps :

Requirements on starting a fruits salad business

Water Melon 800 to 1000 cfa
Banana 500 cfa
Pineapple 1000
Groundnut | Peanuts 800 to 1000 cfa a bottle
Condense Milk : 800 to 1200 cfa
Take away plates :  300 to 400 each now we get 10 pieces for a start : 4000
This is the most expensive but is one time, because after selling ,you take back your plates and keep for next day selling .
let do the maths : Water Melon         1000
                               Banana                500
                               Pineapple            1000
                              Groundnut            1000
                       Condense Milk            1200
                         Take away plates       4000
                                                            8700  cfa
                                   Now how much do we have left 1300 cfa you can add some more fruits if you wish but as a starter let us begin with the above . and after a week we increase .
Here are photos and explanation on how to start after you must have got all this items  and if you do not know what the look like , below are pictures to illustrate .

Water melon :
water melon is easy to get here in Africa Cameroon. you can purchase a full head of it and preserve after using a few sliced,how do you preserve by making use fridge to preserve .in one slice or two as  seen on the photo above you  two of that for a day and when you start having more than 20 buyers a day you increase.
Cost of this water melon is 500 to 1000 cfa. 

Banana :
This banana is also easy to see anywhere in Cameroon and Africa as a whole.
Cost is 500 to get a good and fresh one for the day selling .

Any fruits store have pineapple. That is how it looks like and you can purchase about 500 to 1000 cfa fresh ones.

Condense Milk
This can be purchase from any store or supermarket .at the rate of 800 to 1200 any type of milk can serve .

This is called groundnut or peanut depending on the part of the Africa, and it can be purchase at supermarket and stores nearby.

Take away Plastic  :
This what a Take away plastic plate looks like ,it comes in different shapes and styles , this can be purchase at the plastic market. and it cost from 200 to 400 cfa depending on the size , i recommend sing the size that cost 300 to 400  as seen above.

Preparations :
After getting all requirements ,
kindly slice the fruits to this size below :
That is how the whole fruits should look like after slicing.
Now you put measure with a spoon and put  into a take away  plates and add milk and groundnut
and start selling.
Now we are going to note that you are not buying the take away plates everyday. after selling you go back and take them and use a good dish wash soaps to wash and be ready for next day.
So from this we to spend only 5000 or less in three days . or more depending on how you share the items.
so in three days you are making 500 each times 10 is 5000 cfa a day
so in three days you are making 15000 .
Deduct your capital 8700 and you are saving 5000.
Next three days you are saving 10000 because you are only buying fruits .
Wow so in 6 days we are making 10k profit that is in a month you are making 40,000 cfa .
This is  awesome, i hope this article change your life and make you rich , kindly use the comment say your mind and if you have any questions or what you like to add .Kindly use the comment section below.

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