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Sasha Obama Dresses Like her Mom -Michelle Obama : 

We really don't mean to shock you, but Sasha Obama is now 18 years old! The youngest daughter of the former president celebrated her birthday on June 10, and aside from hitting some major milestones (She went to prom! Now she can vote!), she's also proving to have a pretty cool sense style. Looking at her latest outfits — pairing sneakers with sundresses, that must-have Reformation look — it hit us: not only is she wearing stuff we'd like to wear ourselves, she's also been dressing a bit like Michelle Obama.

This isn't really a new revelation. Throughout her life, Sasha has seemingly taken cues from her mom, stepping out in items that could have easily come from Michelle's closet. We obviously can't blame her: The former first lady is widely regarded as a fashion icon, and she's even inspired a few ensembles of our own.
As they say, the proof is in the pics, so we searched for a few times that Sasha dressed exactly like Michelle — and found 15 matchy-matchy examples. Not to worry, Sasha. Amal Clooney steals styling tricks from her mom, too!

When They Went With Eye-Catching Prints

While Sasha recently embraced the snakeskin trend, Michelle once wore a knee-length dress with a similar color scheme.

Some may prefer denim or leather, but Michelle and Sasha know this option is just as versatile. Perhaps they're taking fashion tips from Jennifer Aniston, who often wears similar styles. When Black and Gold Were a Breathtaking Combo
What is your favorite dress you choose among them ?.

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