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MAKE A CHOICE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Any donation you offer is very important. We'd love to choose the gift you're giving. In the same manner, a one-time donation to Father  To Orphans is used to provide meals for orphans worldwide who have no access to nutritious food. Thank you very much for making a difference.

Every day you eat FEED ORPHANS WITH A MONTHLY RECURRING GIFT FEED Orphans Every time you eat... Orphans are eating.

You can have a real effect in altering the life of three or more orphans with your automatic monthly donation. For $50 a month, three orphaned kids can be provided with food every day.

ONE TIME DONATION Make a one-time gift here. Every $100 you donate is going to give orphans 31 good meals! Consider making a generous donation that changes orphans ' life

FEED 1 FOR $150 For 1 Year You can provide an orphan with a one-time gift of just $150 for one year of well-rounded and healthy meals. You can create a very tiny quantity of a beneficial effect in the lives of one child for a whole year.

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